Most Christians believe Jesus Christ will return in this generation, and that He will reign on Earth as our eternal Savior and King. Now is the time of the Christ Generation! It is made up of Christians from churches everywhere. As individuals in the body of Christ, together we can share the good news, that Jesus died for the sins of the world and that he is coming soon!

Jesus asked us to love our neighbor as ourselves. We can literally share the good news of Christ's love with everyone we meet. We can truly be an active witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. We can wear a Christ Generation T-shirt.

By the call of the Holy Spirit, has designed some beautiful shirts and accessories that enable Christians to share the Word of God everywhere we go. When we wear our Christ Generation T-shirt, the people we meet will read God's written words. As their eyes light upon them, the Holy Spirit will speak the truth concerning Jesus into their hearts.

It is our prayer that will help Christians fulfill the great commission in every community on Earth. We pray that millions and even billions of people will give their lives to Jesus in this generation. We pray that you will not only buy one or more Christ Generation T-shirts, but that you will also wear them because you love Jesus!

Be blessed in Him!


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